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Mr. Zuber Ahmed Khan is a Muslim by birth, has got strong and stiff views on Islam. Mr. Zuber believes in Humanity when Islam is in trouble. He believes any Muslim Men or Women should die for Islam when required. Mr. Zuber Ahmed Khan completed his Post Graduate in Public Administration in the year 1995 and stands in first class. He completed his Diploma in Computer Hardware and Software Engineering from Bombay. Pursuing Masters Degree in Journalism with International University completed Ist Sem, enter in IInd Sem.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Political love of Modi for Kashmir.

Dear Sir, 

Modi the current Prime Minister of India is going to the state of Jammu n Kashmir and remain in Srinagar on the occasion of Dipawali on 23rd Oct. 2014.  Like every politicians Modi is also behaving like politicians.  A couple of press interviews and public rallies before Union election overwhelmed to the undersigned and respect of Modi increased for him; either it was the statement given on Muslims that he would like to see the Muslims holding Quran in one hand but at the same time computer in another hand; or it was public rally at Varanasi immediately after win, speaking on the upliftment of poor and speaking for India.

But Modi could not maintain that stream alive and his act and conduct gradually decreased and his popularity index reduced, because he is also following the footsteps of previous politicians and Prime Ministers.  His total silence on the war crime and genocide of Israel on the civilians of Gaza in the month of June to July 2014 and he could not uttered a single word in the speech of 15th August 2014 delivered from Lal Quila. When he went to America in the month of September 2014 he shakes hand with the Genocide culprit and war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu hurts the sentiments of Muslims across the Globe. 

Now it is the turn of Kashmir, Modi announced to celebrate Diwali with the people of Kashmir because of recent flood.  There is quite suspicion and ambiguity in the mind of author and Muslims of India, behind the act of Modi.  His act is moreover looking like political game rather sympathetic attitude and humanity towards the people of Kashmir specially the people of Srinagar.  I will give you strong view to make my statement true.  Firstly, whether he is sincerely shares the sorrows for the people of Jammu n Kashmir specially Srinagar.  If yes,,,,,,, then what is the reason to celebrate Diwali in Srinagar.  Because in Srinagar no one bursts firearms or doing pooja, secondly Diwali is not the festival of Muslims, then his presence in Srinagar on the occasion of Diwali does not hold any meaning.  If he sincerely wanted to shares the sorrows and pain of the people of Srinagar then his presence would be meaningful on the occasion of Id-Ul-Adha.  In fact Modi is looking entire scenario with political angle like other political agents. In Kashmir election is due and Modi has gone to Jammu n Kashmir on Diwali just to lure the Hindu vote bank of Jammu and Laddakh.

If he is so sincerely wanted to share the pain for the people of the country then why he has not celebrated Diwali with the people of Andhra and Orissa, there was HudHud in Andhra Pradesh, Orissa why he has not gone there, because Modi is not looking any political gain  there so far, that is why he ignored AP and Orissa and chooses Kashmir. 

In such a way Modi played with the sentiments of the people on religious ground which is not good for the ethics follower BJP and the so called popular peace lover Modi.  If Modi is also behaving like other Prime Ministers of the country and did not forget to get the max political benefit of the situation of natural calamity then there is no difference between previous and present Prime Minister. Every politicians are same.

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Young future of India is in dark.

Dear Sir,

In continuation of my article “Unreliable elements of the country and society.  I correctly called Sanghis as the unreliable elements of the country and society.  As usual on the eve of Dassure Sanghi Terrorists demonstrate with lethal weapons Guns, Swords, Bhallas, sticks, but it is unusual to see publicly small kids are holding the sticks and fire arms, but it is fact in the rally of RSS in Bhopal small kids are holding sticks. 

The future of India under the dark black shadow of Sangh, small kids in the training camps of Sangh trained to use lethal weapons as well as provided training of martial art.  They are giving training how to handle the fire arms.  Sanghis have their training camps in BJP run states and they are becoming strong day by day after BJP government at centre.  Now Sangh is interfering and guiding Government on political, administrative and foreign matters, which is not good indication for the Government.   If an organization who is involved in bomb blast across the country is guiding and taking part in political and administrative matters of the country then sure terrorists are the adviser of Government and Government is the mouth piece of terrorists.   

If same would be the situation in PAK; if any jihadi tanzeen would have guided PAK Government then Indian media would have created havoc, contrary the National News officially telecasted the speech of Sangh Pramukh Mohan Bhagwat and projected him as the Hero.   

If the futures of India young potential are giving lethal training then that day is not very much far when Global community will label India is another terrorist’s nation.  Indian Government should make the serious note of the activities of Sangh and take appropriate action.

Zuber Ahmed Khan