Friday, April 17, 2015

Now it is time for Christians to react.

India has got independence in the year 1947 but for India it had come in pieces and for which India had paid heavy value in the form of bifurcation.  Pakistan has come out as separate nation, Hyderabad was the Nizam Estate, Murshidabad Bengal Nawab estate was the part of Pakistan and annexed in India on 16th August 1947.  Hyderabad was annexed in India through military action in the year 1948.  There were at least 10 Nawab estates which were declared themselves as autonomous but later annexed into Indian territories either by force or through military action. 

In the same way Goa was the independent Portuguese Christian colony which was annexed in India through Military action in the year 1961. The armed action by the Indian Government involved Air, Sea and land strikes over Portuguese provincial governance in Goa.  Indian action was appreciated and seen as the libration of Indian territory by Indians, while Portugal viewed it as the aggression against national soil and its citizens.  

It is matter of concerned for the Christian community that British people ruled over India more than 100 years but even after 60 years of  independence Christians don’t have any representation in the parliament or separate State from where Christian community may select candidates of their choice, religion and community.  In India every states are divided on the basis of their religion and Assembly House represents the son of soil except Christian.  Punjab is the land of Sikh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh for Hindus, Devil’s land communal Guj for terrorists, Maharashtra for Marathas, Kerala for Malayalam, Tamil Nadu for Tamilians, West Bengal for Bengalis.  Goa which was the Christian colony and was in possession of Christians well after independence but here also the Christian community is depend on the charity of the Central and State Governments and cannot pass any legislation for their community and their uplift, their population is reduced to 35% whereas Hindu Population enhanced to 63%. 

Modi after become the head of Nation doing foreign tour almost all the Christian countries, but he is totally blind, neglecting and side by the issues of Christian Community.  Modi in his tour to the Christian countries basically marketing the Indian products and promoting for ‘Make in India.  He is begging in Christian countries for the investments, whereas his supportive Hindu terrorist organizations planning to commit genocide of Christian Community by forcible sterilization and converting them into Hinduism, that is the reason his ‘Make in India is totally failed and none of the Christian countries ready to invest or start their business with India, because of the fear of life and threat from Hindu Terrorists. Terrorist organisation Hindu Mahasabha on Saturday 11th April 2015 at Jind Haryana given dictate conduct forcible sterilisation on every Muslims and Christians because their population is increased drastically. At one hand Modi is begging from Christian countries for business and other hand his terrorist organisations wanted to finish the Christian community from India. 

After perpetual harassment and tortured to the Christian community it is right time they should demand Goa as a Christian State or at least reserve territory for Christians where Rules Regulations and Constitution will be Indian but local administration and assembly house will be governed by the Christian people same as other states of India.  

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Pak land always remain Pak.

Dear Sir,

Pakistan one after one speedy clears maximum allegations raised by Indian Government and Sanghi Media in International forum. In the month of January 2015 American Secretary of State Mr. John Kerry clears Pakistan from the list of Terrorist nations as such given clean chit and showed satisfaction on the Government efforts to curb the terrorism.  US Administration also grant $532 million aid package to Pakistan under Kerry-Lugar Bill to spur economic growth, community building and counter-terrorism efforts.  See link and my article on the subject Clean Chit: PAK is not terrorist Nation. 

Hardly after four months Pakistan clears yet another allegation about Osama Bin Laden, all the time Indian Saffron Media used to raised allegations on Pakistan that Government of Pakistan aware about the hide of Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad. On 15th April 2015 Former US ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter said on Tuesday that “Pakistan didn’t know the presence of Osama bin Laden as there is no evidence to suggest there was a link. Catch the news report from Dawn News paper Pakistan was not aware of Osama’s presence: ex-US ambassador

All these years after 9/11 Indian Government and Indian Media, never give-up any moment to blame Pakistan Government for terrorism.   Foreign Ministry, Defense Ministry never spare a single moment to malign the image of PAK country on the issue of Terrorism, and creates sympathetic environment for India in front of International community, being a victim of PAK Jihadi elements. 

Modi the Prime Master of Terrorists had a tour of Christian countries and given assurance to the concerned Government of the Christian countries about the safety of Minorities.  But fact is that India is moving on the path of terrorism and every single day there are reports of atrocities on Minorities Christians and Muslims and their religious faiths and religious institutions disturbed.  Today in Agra UP reports are coming attack on Church and statue of Virgin Mary and Ishu broken. 

If someone throws garbage on moon thinking that it will reached to the moon and it will become untidy, but same falls on the face of the person.  In the same way Indian Government, Media alleged on Pak of sponsoring the Jihadi activities and safe haven for jihaids in these all years between 2000 to 2010, same situation arise in India now since June 2014 and India is becoming safe haven for the Terrorists.  Minorities are not safe

Zuber Ahmed Khan