Monday, February 08, 2016

Muslims are Patriotic.

Like any other Indian, writer is also a true Indian and his heart beats for India.  But like any other Muslim writer also faced the axe of hate and abhorrence in his life by his companions and colleagues.  India got independent in the year 1947 Muslims those who migrated to Pakistan were not true Indian, but those who selected India as their country and homeland were purely Indians, but could not establish themselves as Indian.  Writer himself is a patriotic Indian but taunts like Pakistani and traitor hurts the sentiments from his school, college to professional life.  He used to keep side by with important portfolios may be because of his religious identity in professional life.   He lost his job twice because of his religious identity only.  His last assignment was with Terna Medical College where he had very bitter experience. 

Political parties though claiming themselves as secular but their agenda is totally against Muslims.  Author is the biggest sufferer of such types of pseudo secular image of the political parties and Ministers. 

During my working life of 10 years I had honour to work with great Political personnel such as Sudhir Kadam, in MGM College of Management Nerul Navi Mumbai.  I had also worked in Terna Medical college.  Having seen my sincerity, honesty and hard work with special knowledge in my field, as well as skill to manage and administer the office work, I was employed as PA by Shri Ranajagjitsiha Patil, Managing Trustee Terna Trust.  I had handled several Trust work with Asst. Commissioner of Charity, Mumbai and Thane.  I had conducted several key point meetings with high dignitaries to solve the problem of Trust.  However, unfortunately my services, for what reason I do not know, have not been appreciated, and in turn I was said Good bye.   This incident gave me great shock and to my mind it might be because I was Muslim.  I may be wrong that my services were not appreciated because I was Muslim, but no other reason ever fit in my mind.

The Managing Trustee of the college Mr. Rana Patil asked me to work with him as a Personal Assistant in the year 2003 and I worked till the year 2007. 

Even after I was rendered jobless, I did not get demoralized disheartened and did not lose hopes.  I worked in the line of freelance article writer.  However, when I did not get a platform to establish, I started my blog writing, which was appreciated my many people.  During that time I realised that I should obtain knowledge in journalism, therefore, in the year 2015 I went through course of Journalism and completed my Master in Mass Communication and journalism.   During that time it was my great honour to work with good professor having fine knowledge of journalism.

In my childhood I heard a story of a king, who lost hopes after getting defeated in 6 wars and was sitting by a wall with depressed mind, when he saw an aunt carrying insect upward on the wall and after reaching to some height, would fall, but it made several attempts to climb on the wall and finally it succeeded.   King got inspiration from that aunt and thought when small aunt makes so many effort and do not lose hopes, why he was depressed.  Finally king won the war.

I believe in success, despite several up and down in my life.  I believe that despite falling many times, every time I will get up and start new beginning.

 I believe that there is success after every failure, therefore, I do not feel that I am not competent to achieve the target.

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Monday, November 16, 2015

Attacks on Humanity both are guilty.

Recently Paris has seen deadly attack over it, in which about more than 150 people have been killed.  Act of violence have been condemned by every person of the Globe.  Author also believes that killing of innocent is not true spirit of any religion.   Earlier several countries are also involved in the bombarding in Iraq.   Killing of innocent is not the religion in any way.  But IS has justified that in France attack several innocent are killing in Iraq. Let international community should sit and find solution of problem.

After attack over France, Henery Clinton endorsed War against Iraq and urges to take revenge of the attack.  War cannot give peace, if she urges war against Syria or Iraq innocent Native of Iraq or Syria will be killed.    Who will be responsible behind the human soul?  Killing of innocent is not war.  What ever happened in France is of course should be condemned, but can any one behind it kill innocent citizens of Iraq.   Come out some sort of peaceful solution to stop crises in Iraq and Syria.  How many innocent will give their contribution in war, why the blood of innocent citizen will spread on roads? Why why why.

War in any form should be condemned whether on entire Gulf, Libya, Egypt Afghanistan or in the form of Drown attack in Pakistan. In Pakistan several innocent lost their life due to Drown attack.  Worst affected persons are the local native of the nation who is affected by war.  Merely in the name of terrorism the civilised countries are killing the local citizens.  Any of the civilised country has given any assurance that; in air strike only terrorist will be killed and no native will be killed.  Which is UNO Charter and none of the county can kill civilians merely on the name of war. America is the super power of the Globe, but it is also evident in any war several occasions local citizens are killed by American forces.  How long local people contribute their share of live to war.  

Dialog is the best way to reconcile the dispute whether it is IS or any of the organisations based on the terror ideology.   World community should come forward to speak the   representatives of terror organisations, what they want, what is their intention.  Now stop the killing of innocent citizens of the country.

No doubt ISIS is killing innocent citizens they should be dealt as per International law, and not by waging war against innocent persons.  In that sense both; world community and terrorists are equally responsible for war crimes and killing of innocent citizens. 

Zuber Ahmed Khan