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Mr. Zuber Ahmed Khan is a Muslim by birth, has got strong and stiff views on Islam. Mr. Zuber believes in Humanity when Islam is in trouble. He believes any Muslim Men or Women should die for Islam when required. Mr. Zuber Ahmed Khan completed his Post Graduate in Public Administration in the year 1995 and stands in first class. He completed his Diploma in Computer Hardware and Software Engineering from Bombay. Completed Masters Degree in Journalism & Mass Communication and stand in first Class.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Are you Muslim get out from India.

History of Islam and Muslims are very old in India which started their journey from South India in the seventh century after the arrival of Arab traders. Islam is the second largest religion in India, with 14.2% of the country's population or roughly 172 million people as per the 2011 census.  Arab traders brought Islam in India somewhere in the 7th century AD.  Their sole intension was to trade with the local people of India to get healthy business.  They were not attackers but businessmen.   

In North India Islam arrives after the arrival of Turkic emperors who defeated the local Kings of India in the 12th century.  Interestingly since then Islam become part of India's religious and cultural heritage.  Over the centuries, there has been significant integration of Hindu and Muslim cultures across India Muslims played prominent role for the national building measures.  the great Indian scientist and father of Indian missile technology was none but a Muslim Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam who later become 11th President of modern India.  No one ignore the contribution of Muslims of their share for India, whether it is lyrics, Bollywood film industry, science and technology, medical field and sports. 

Islam and Muslims are the part of India since from the 7th Century and running in Indian culture.  But since from May 26, 2014 immediately after BJP the saffron party captured the Indian Parliament in collusion of Hindu Terrorists things and way become tough for Muslims.  Hindu terrorists every single day tortured, murdered, beat Muslims and gang rape their women and girls.  They are terrorising Muslims just to convert them in Hinduism.  Recently Hindu terrorists of Bajrangdal thrashed brutally to a Muslim couple at Bulandshahr Uttar Pradesh India.  Their torture was highest volume, even Hindu Terrorists cannot respect a women they thrashed a lady with stick, belt upto when she become unconscious.  Hindu terrorists cannot respect to a woman, because of their habit and belief that women should be kept under the shoes.

In Mewat Haryana in the month of August 2016 Hindu terrorists killed family members of Muslims and gang raped Muslim women and girls.  Indian Government under the rule of Modi who is moreover behaving like Hitler for Muslims but soft on these Terrorists.  They can attack any time on Mosque of Muslims, kill Muslims and destroy the chastity of Muslim girls and women.  They are roaming free like wild fox under the protection cover of Modi government.

Even Pakistan is fighting with Jihaidi elements but still Hindus are much better position in Pakistan; rumour in India spreaded by the saffron elements that Hindus are not safe in Pak is proved to be hoax after watching this Video. On the other hand Muslims are treating like second class citizens of India and torturing like animals. 

Muslims are holding important place for the building of modern India. Islam and Muslims are in India since from 7th Century but now days they are ill treated and killed some time by the police under the pretext of Jihaidi elements and some time they are killed by Hindu Terrorists.  They are not getting proper legal opportunity so their faith and belief started trembling after Saffron Party BJP in collusion of terrorists regain power and Indian Parliament come under the control of saffron party.

Zuber Ahmed Khan


Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Double standard of Hindus with their mother.

Cow is the sacred animal for Hindus they consider it as their mother and its urine is supposed the holy water and utilized in every food stuff of pooja.  Hindus drinking cow urine and feel proud while doing so, considering their all sins are wipe out in cow urine.  Before start any new work shower of cow urine are considered making things pure.

After Indian Parliament captured by Hindu Terrorists Muslims, Christians and Dalits are on the radar of Hindu Terrorists on the issue of Cow trade and slaughter.  Incidents of atrocities on Muslims by the Hindu terrorists of cow vigilantes on the issue of cow.
1.         17 Oct. 2015 in Himachal Pradesh one Noman, 20, was lynched in Lawasa village in Sirmour district by villagers who chased the truck in which he was ferrying cows.

2.   October 18, 2015, the cleaner of a truck, Zahid Ahmad of Anantnag burned alive by the cow vigilantes after beef party.  

3.         28 Sept. 15 A 50-year-old man, Mohammad Akhlaq, was beaten to deat and his 22-year-old son severely injured in UP’s Dadri, after rumours announced on mike of temple by the Hindu Priest family storing and consuming beef.
4.           13 Jan 2016 Gau rakshaks thrashed a Muslim couple and throw them out of train Kushinagar Express Khirkiya railway station Harda.
5.     19 March 2016 Muhammad Majloom (35) and minor Azad Khan alias Ibrahim (15)  were hanged after being beaten to death in Jharkhand.
6.     March 2016 four Kashmiri Muslim students Shakib Ashraf, Hilal Fuarukh, Mohammad Maqbool and Shaukat Ali beaten up mercilessly on the fake and bogus rumour that they have cooked beef in hostel room. 
7.     26 Jul 2106: 2 Muslim women beaten at Mandsaur railway station on suspicion of carrying beef.  
8.           Sept. 2016 Mewat Haryana two Muslim spinster sisters Gang Rape after killing their family members on the charges they cooked beef biryani.
9.           Sept. 2016 one 24 years old Muslim driver Mohammed Ayyub killed by terrorists of Gau Raksha in Ahmadabad. 

Ignorance of cow vigilantes on the issue of cow.

1.    August 2016 More than 500 cows have died in two weeks, say volunteers, at a shelter near Jaipur in Rajasthan, their neglected stalls turning into death traps.
2.           The Rajasthan government on Saturday said 8,122 cows have died at Asia's “best” Hingonia Gaushala between January 1 and July 31 2016 due to ill-health and accidental injuries.  On average 1053 cows die every month at this centre
3.           15 August 2016  more than 200 cows and ox have died Gaushala at Durgkondal in Kanker in Chhattisgarh's tribal Bastar region 
4.           India is the biggest beef exporter in the world and the members of these export companies are Hindus.  Al Noor Exports, Al Kabeer, Arabian Exports are owned by Hindu businessmen where daily uncountable cows slaughtered.  Sudesh Sabarwal and Athal Sabarwal of Al-Kabeer exports are Hindus.  Just to mislead the Muslim counties like Saudia Arebia the names of these companies are like Muslims.  

Why this double standard of Government and Hindu terrorists on the issue of Cow slaughter.  They kill Muslims even on the suspicion, but closed their eyes on the export companies owned by Hindus and slaughtering cows daily.   Why the religious sentiments of Hindu terrorists are silent on export companies.  

Zuber Ahmed Khan