Saturday, May 30, 2015

BJP is stabbing back of Kashmir.

BJP is the party of back stabber people specially when matter related to Muslims, Pakistan and Kashmir.  Before the formation of Government with Mufti Sayeed at Kashmir it was decided between both the parties that Terrorists protective Act AFSPA will be removed from Kashmir which is creating great Human Rights Violations and every single day causalities figure of Kashmiri Muslims increased with the guns of Indian terrorists the so called (INDIAN ARMY). 

I very specifically asked to the Mehbooba Mufti before formation of Government with BJP at Kashmir to resolve the important issues like removal of terrorists protective act AFSPA, more autonomy to Kashmir and more strength to article 370 and retain the sanction of cabinet with you; unless BJP is the party of turncoats and back stabbers specially when matter related to Kashmir and Muslims it will any time stab in your back after formation of Government and you will have no option but to obey the orders or topple the Government.  Things are proving true BJP taking U turn on the promise made before the formation of Government to remove the controversial Terrorists Protective Law AFSPA now saying it will not remove AFSPA from Kashmir.  Saffron Terrorist’s Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar at Poona refused to repeal the AFSPA from Kashmir he replied to the questions of Journalists whether AFSPA will remove from Kashmir same on the line of Sikkim, the terrorist’s defense minister replied “there would be no terrorists (Army) if AFSPA removed from Kashmir”.

In the matter of back stabbing Congress also holding same marks and number as BJP.  In fact Congress is the other side of coin of BJP and Saffron Terrorists.  Congress at the time of election lured to the Muslims but after election commit every sort of activities which hampered the peace of Muslim community.  It is Congress who unconstitutionally, unethically hanged Afzal Guru secretly.  Supreme Court of India observed that hidden, secrete hang does not hold any legal value and it is not good for justice.  But merely observation is not holding any value if the perpetrator of crime is not punished.  I am concerned and constantly perusing the matter of Afzal Guru since after his unethical and unconstitutional hanged by the Congress Government.  After analyzed every angle, documents shown by Guru’s brother and the judgment of Supreme Court in Afzal case I observed that injustice done with Guru.  Neither he was Jihadi nor had any direct link with any Jidhadi module.  None of the Advocate defends the case of Afzal in the Court of law because of the fear of Hindu Terrorists, unless he might have come out with honor.  Great irreparable loss done by the Congress Government to the Humanity which can not heal up merely observation of Supreme Court.  It can be heal up with the punishment to the culprits and criminal of humanity. 

Can Supreme Court of India try and punish Susheel Kumar Shinde then Home Minister of India failed to discharged his constitutional duties and labeled an innocent the tag of Jihadi and hanged him secretly.  Can election commission take strong action and debarred Congress who collectively involved in Human Rights Violation.  Can members of Parliament can impeach to the dummy and Terrorists supportive President Pranab Mukharjee who without applying his mindset, wisdom legality of matter come under the clutches and sentiments of Hindu Terrorists, BJP and signed on the death warrant of Guru.   If no then mere observation of Supreme Court does not hold any value in the eyes of sensible, scholars and philanthropists. Observation of Supreme court is just another piece of paper which will be utilize to wrap peanuts after some time.  Same as the show cause notice of Election Commission issued to the Sanjay Raut on the statement of snatching the Right to Franchise with the Muslims. 

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Friday, May 29, 2015

1 year of Democratic Government with Dictator mentality.

Modi was elected as the Prime Master of Terrorists through public but his all the deeds and acts are totally unconstitutional with full of dictator mentality.  Modi cabinet completed its one year of working with full of natural tragedies, controversies, ups and downs, big and anti constitutional wordings.  Modi’s exam starts with the big wordings of its Ministers, Member of Parliaments and terrorists who support the Government.  In fact misfortune (Apshagoon) of Modi Cabinet starts when Minority Affairs Minister Najma Heptulla called Muslims are not Minority,  it was the very first big wordings and anti constitutional comment from any Minister of Modi, Najma become so crazy after Modi given her cabinet rank in the ministry that even she forget the Constitution and ready to omit the word Muslim from the list of Minorities stated in the constitution and advocating to re-write the book of Constitution, now who will tell her to amend the basic article and clause of Constitution require 2/3 majority in the parliament.  Following the footpath prepared by Najma Heptulla other terrorists come out from the period of hibernation and start croaking in the form of Love Jihad, Ghar Wapsi, Beti Bachao Bahoo Lao Abhiyan, convert 100 Muslim Girls in lieu of single Hindu girl and so on.  .  Last comment so far seen by Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi who says “one who is dying to eat beef go to Pakistan or Muslim Nations”.

Looking at the cadets statement how Master Mind remain behind in the war of big words; latest in the queue of big wording Modi hold number one position who in the Public rally for the completion his one year of Government asked with the spectator “In Rs. 12 even you cannot purchase shroud (कफ़न)  but I had given you life insurance in Rs. 12”.  Indian saffron media become Dumb and deaf on the statement of Modi which is highly objectionable and such types of statement is not suitable to the Supreme Democratic Head of the country and nowhere no news coverage and opposition from any media group or opposition party like Congress who is looking to acquire its lost land in politics.

Media could not loud the voice against the unconstitutional language of Modi because he is not ready to listen criticism even he purchased the media of India.  If anyone criticized his acts, mis-governance and dictator mentality he start suppress the voice of criticism with the act to ban, jail or kill the person who loud the voice of criticism.  It is with reference of the ban the IIT Chennai students union who criticized the act of Modi Government of India and its deed of discrimination to the Dalit Samaj.  Chennai IIT college some union of students tried to show the correct status of Modi Government and educate the Dalit Samaj about the planned atrocities of Government with Dalit Samaj.

I cannot understand any reason to call ourselves as the biggest democratic country of the world where the voice of the people is suppressed by the Hitler mentality people. In devil area terrorist land Guj same modus operandi adopted by the Modi Cabinet and Government injected the slow poison in the mindset of the public. In the beginning most of the people raised the voice against the misdeed of Modi and against Godhra, encounters and mis-governance in Gujarat, but they all forced to remain silence if they could not some of them jail, ban or killed. Same as in case of Teesta Silwad who are fighting to avoid the jail in Supreme Court. Now people become fatigue and immune due to torture and threat of Modi and could not loud voice. Same thing Modi is applying on Indian public still beating the drums of biggest democratic country of the World. Democracy is not the stuff which can be show or projected but it is the planned process to safeguard the demand and voice of the public and proper care of the opposition.

Modi before election used to visit the students and woofing hard on the power of young generation and students for sake of votes.  In his all the public rallies and public debates in the educational institutes or colleges Modi stressed and shown faith on the Students power, but what happened just the span of one year to those youngsters and Students on whom Modi shown faith and become the Prime Master of Terrorists, how Modi Cabinet become annoyed with the students and acute Modi love become the matter of prestige for Modi and Chennai IIT center taken the tough step by banning the entire student’s union who educate the Dalit Samaj.   

Modi should not forget that he has become Prime Master of Terrorists on the votes of youngsters and students and he should not forget and ignore the power of youngsters and students; they can topple any Government even if it is with absolute majority.

Suppress the voice of the students or public is the act of Hitler or dictator;  but not the supreme constitutional head of the country.   Act of Modi to suppress the voice of people may develop the attitude of rebel amongst the young generation and students which is harmful indication for the safety and peace of Nation and possible chaos is expected. 

Recently, the constitutional crises in Delhi is the act of Central Government and another attitude of Hitler mentality of Modi cabinet to suppress and not allow a state cabinet to discharge its duty.

Zuber Ahmed Khan