Thursday, March 05, 2015

Muslims attacked in Madhya Pradesh

On  04 March 2015 terrorists attacked on team of Muslims who had come from South Africa,  three members of a Tablighi Jamaat team were injured in the attack who had come from South Africa.  Attack was carried out by armed terrorists with  lethal weapons in Mandideep in Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh.

In another incident the venom of highest value spewed by the group of Hindu Terrorists against entire Muslim Community including the Hindu Saint Swami Nareanand Saraswati, Hindu Terrorists Ashok Singhal and political personalities including Member of Parliament Yoni Adidnath and Manoj Shrivastav.   All of them were in full swing to increase the hostility between Hindus and Muslims they enticed to their cadets to attack on Muslims with highly venomous language including abusive, filthy language against Muslim MLA Akbaruddin, entire Muslim community and Islam.  This is more important that this all conclave arranged in Modi constituency Varanasi a sacred city of Hindus and in these all holy and political personalities of Hindus used the forum of Hindu Virat Sammelan for abuse and enmity against Muslims, rather to teach good deeds of Hinduism.  Hindu Virat Sammelan is the conclave for religious functions wherein the good deeds of Hindu religion is supposed to teach, but here in this summelan the religious and political personalities were abused to Islam and Muslims.  See the report from Azamgarh Meri Jaan.

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Rape even dead Muslim women: Hindu Terrorist.

Venom and dictates of highest value is not going stop against Muslims from Hindu Terrorists.  A couple of new dictates have come from Hindu terrorists for Muslims.  One is for young Muslim boys and another one for whole Muslim community and dead Muslim women.  

In Uttar Pradesh the terrorist supportive political party BJP member of Parliament Yoni Adidnath have developed his own army of terrorists namely Hindu Yuva Vahini (young Brigade), these army is fully equipped with lethal arms and any time they can kill, capture the property or beat to any member of Muslim and Christian community.  The terrorist army of Yoni Adidnath is very strong in entire Uttrakhand, Gorakhpur, Basti, Shajahapur, Merrut, Aligar and several other districts of Uttar Pradesh.  The district commandant of this Army issued a Human Rights violator dictate for Muslim women.  In the conclave of millions of terrorists of Yuva Vahini he called upon to his followers and terrorists they should not hesitate to rape even dead Muslim women catch the heart touching and venomous speech of terrorist 


In another dictate the terrorist lady Balika Saraswati of terrorist group Vishva Hindu Parishad who was addressing to the conclave of thousands of her lovers young boys and her men, she asked with the lady brigade Durga Vahini to throw stone on Muslim boys if they attract to any Hindu girls.   Catch the link Hindu girls should throw stones at Muslim boys, says Sadhwi Balika Saraswati.  This Sadvi has special attraction towards the young Army of Hindu Terrorists group, and this terrorist lady can satisfy even thousands of terrorists and young bridge at a time with her filthy language and attitude.

Not only the terrorist but administration and Government is also involve in the dictator like attitude, some of incidents of BJP run Government Machinery is behaving on the communal lines.

Shiv Sena the political party and one of the allies of central and State of Maharashtra and is in the Government but asked the Muslims to go Pakistan and demand for their rights.  Further Shiv Sena asked if Muslims wanted any status and would like to live in India they should believe in Vande Martrum the objectionable filthy song of Terrorists, and they should believe and love to India first rather to Islam.  Shiv Sena was speaking on the demand of Barrister Mr. Assaduddin Owesee to give reservation to the Muslims as per their population. 

Government of Maharashtra encroached on the daily and routine meal of the particular.  Government has passed the law wherein it is forbidden to eat, possessed, cook and sell beef (Cow Meat).  In the category of beef Government includes the meat of Cow, bull, buffalos.  In this type of absurd legislation the perpetrator will punished with 5 years in jail and Rs. 5000 fine.   As per this legislation now it is Government who will decide and select the menu of a person.  How Government can punished a person who is in possession, cooking and eating beef.  Beef is not the narcotics or explosive, it is very laughable at the part of Government who will punished a person possessed beef, finding eat or cook it.  Government is soft on terrorists who are freely moving with lethal weapons but punishing to the man possessed beef.

The Haryana government of BJP has rescinded the state commission for minorities and has also decided not to reconstitute such a body in future. This statement was made before the Punjab and Haryana high court on Tuesday by the counsel of Haryana government in response to a petition filed by the chairman and a member of the commission who were removed by the state.

Such types of legislation shows the monarch like mentality of government though elected democratically.  Government don’t have any business on the day to day life of the particular and it should not be the business of Government to select the menu for the public.  That is not enough if anyone wanted to select food of his choice he should be punished with the imprisonment of 5 years with fine of Rs. 5000/-.  Such types of legislation and dictates are seen quite often in terrorists supportive Government of BJP.  In fact BJP is failed on every front and promises which it done in election rallies so BJP deliberately diverting the minds of the public from original issues. Development, corruption and inflation. 

I will call upon to all the philanthropist Muslims across the Globe and India to donate huge some of Amount for the Muslims and I will request Muslims to prepare their Army same as on the line of Hindu terrorists, and counter the effect of Hindu Terrorists.  Let start civil war in India, the consequences would not be on Muslims but on Hindu terrorists, Government and their dictates for Muslims. 

Zuber Ahmed Khan