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Mr. Zuber Ahmed Khan is a Muslim by birth, has got strong and stiff views on Islam. Mr. Zuber believes in Humanity when Islam is in trouble. He believes any Muslim Men or Women should die for Islam when required. Mr. Zuber Ahmed Khan completed his Post Graduate in Public Administration in the year 1995 and stands in first class. He completed his Diploma in Computer Hardware and Software Engineering from Bombay. Completed Masters Degree in Journalism & Mass Communication and stand in first Class.

Friday, July 08, 2016

Black Sheeps in Muslim Community.

Dear Sir,

As usual Modi Government is playing the communal cards and appeased to the Hindu Community; looking very enthusiastic to take action on Muslim preacher Mr. Zakir Naik.  Home Ministry took serious note of reports that perpetrators of the recent attacks in Bangladesh had perhaps been inspired by preacher Zakir Naik.  Home Ministry come to the conclusion on the demand of prominent clerics from across Uttar Pradesh who urged strong action against Zakir Naik and Peace TV, the channel run by Mr. Naik.   I feel petty at the part of Home Ministry who is planning to take legal action on Mr. Naik merely on the hopeless demand made by some Muslims clerics who are black sheep in the Muslim Community and destroying, damaging the essence of Islam and they are Munafics while demanding action on other Muslim brother on the instigation of Saffron Government Muslim clerics (Barelvis) made the illogical demand of arrest of Mr. Naik.

I had personally gone through the speeches of Mr. Naik and did not find anything rubbish in his speeches.  His speeches are totally under the preview of Islamic law and do not sponsored the terrorism. How Indian Government can take any action on Mr. Naik merely some terrorist who inspired by Mr. Naik?

I can remember the case of Mulana Tauqeer Raza and mentioned in my artile Mulana Tauqeer Raza, Terrorists and Indian Media.  It was wrongly alleged and propagated on Mulana that he was involved in the communal violence in Bareilly of UP in the year March 2010 through his speeches.  A planned game was played by the saffron Indian Media to trap the Mulana in legal clutches. 

The arrest of Mr. Naik is totally illogical merely due to some terrorists inspired by Mr Naik.  If the speeches of Mr. Naik inspired some terrorists for the attack  in that sense Modi should be arrest immediately because all the Hindu terrorists are believing Modi as their God father and inspired with him and with his speeches.  There are several cassatas of speeches of Modi on U-tube who openly calling to kill Muslims after Godhra 2002.  If speeches are the parameter of arrest why not Togadia to be arrested first who is openly omitting venom against Muslims. 

here are several photo graphs in which Modi can be visible with terrorist Asimanand and Terrorist lady Pragiya Thakur.  How someone can raised question on the photographs of Digvijay Singh with Zakir Naik ignoring the relations of Modi, Rajnath and other BJP leaders with Indian Terrorists (RSS, VHP, Bajrangdal).

If Mr. Naik expanding religion (Islam) through his speeches no harm he is doing to India and he is not supporting to terrorists.  Indian Constitution gave him freedom to expand his religion and freedom of speeches.  Those Indian preachers (Barelvis) demanding arrest of Zakir Naik they are Munafics and black sheep in Islam who are demanding the arrest of his own brother on the instigation of Saffron Government.

Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Muslims forced to eat cow dung

NEW DELHI : Indian Prime Minister Modi had not finished under
playing growing incidence of hate speech by his supporters.  In a TV 
interview on Monday when a video surfaced of two bruised and battered 
Muslim men being forced to eat cow dung.

The Hindu terrorists of Gau Rakshak Dal (Cow Protection Group) 
forcing two Muslim men, who they suspected were beef transporters, 
to eat a concoction of cow dung, cow urine, milk, curd and 
ghee near Delhi recently.

Instead of taking action on the perpetrators Modi started blaming on 
media in his TV telling the false image to malign the image of his 
Government.  He said the media made heroes of the communal 
propagandists. The surfacing of the video of a two-week old incident 
belies the claim because without the media’s help no one would know 
what really transpired with the two men.

On June 10 two men Rizwan and Mukhtiar forced to eat panchgavya” 
(cow dung concoction) On June 10, Dharmendra Yadav, president 
of the Gurgaon Gau Rakshak Dal, said volunteers, acting on a tip-off, 
intercepted a vehicle transporting 700kg of beef from Mewat to Delhi.

“We had to chase the car for 7km before we finally managed to stop 
them near the Badarpur border,” The Indian Express quoted Yadav 
as saying. He had no idea who shot the video.

“When we caught them, they had 700kg of beef in their car. We made 
them eat the panchgavya to teach them a lesson and also to purify 
them,” Yadav said.

The volunteers can be heard prompting the captives to say “Gau Mata 
Ki Jai” and “Jai Shri Ram”, both of which the duo say as they struggle 
to swallow the mixture, The Indian Express reported.

Modi has kept silent over the lynching of a Muslim blacksmith near 
Delhi over claims his family ate beef. Hindu extremists are now 
hoping to make this an election plank in Uttar Pradesh where polls 
are due next year.

Reporter Dawn Pakistan.