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Mr. Zuber Ahmed Khan is a Muslim by birth, has got strong and stiff views on Islam. Mr. Zuber believes in Humanity when Islam is in trouble. He believes any Muslim Men or Women should die for Islam when required. Mr. Zuber Ahmed Khan completed his Post Graduate in Public Administration in the year 1995 and stands in first class. He completed his Diploma in Computer Hardware and Software Engineering from Bombay. Completed Masters Degree in Journalism & Mass Communication and stand in first Class.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Prejudice Indian Army & Muslims of Kashmir.

Indian Army is famous in mass killing, war crime, persecution, torture, gang rape.  But it would be matter of great surprise and shock when Indian Army is found in killing, manhandling, thrashing their own members and police.   This is with reference to one news article publish in Times of India that Indian Army thrashed to the cops of Kashmir police.  

In the month of Ramadan one Muslim Kashmiri Army officer was martyred in the attack.  After some time one more Muslim Kashmiri Army Jawan was martyred who had come to attend relatives marriage after some time seven Muslim Kashmiri police men martyred.  In these all incidents Saffron Media of Hindu terrorists raised finger on the Muslims and Jihadi elements and alleged the hands of Lashkare Toeba in the attack on Muslim members of Army and Kashmir police.  While doing so saffron Media of Hindu Terrorists tried to kill two birds with one stone, firstly, defame Islam and Jihad stating that they are killing even to the Muslims secondly defame the name of LeT as horrible terrorists organisation. When very first Muslim Army officer was killed I got suspect on the killing because of abundance coverage of Saffron Media like Zee News, Aaj Tak, India News, Times of India, Nav Bharat Times.   All the Hindu terrorist’s supportive media persons rising finger on the Jihadi elements with an intention to defame them.  I got all the information and series of killing of Muslim officers in Kashmir and come to the conclusion that killing of Kashmiri Muslim police or Army officers is not the act of Jihadis but the act of Hindu Terrorists.  In fact I had mentioned in one of my comment at Times of India that killing of Muslim Kashmiri is not the act of LeT but it is the act of Sanghi Terrorists in Army Uniform, because KeT is the organisation which believe in peace not in bloodshed and working on social upliftment of Kashmiri people, this organisation never kill a Muslim specially Kashmiri Muslim.  They are doing Jihad and they may kill to the infidel (Qafirs) or Government designated forces but not Muslims.  Further I stated that killing of Muslim Police or Army officer is the act of Sanghi Terrorists or Army itself.  Because they believe that the incidents of arms snatching from the police by the Jihadis is deliberate mischief of Kashmiri police men. 

Now this incident of thrashing of Indian Army to the Kashmiri Muslim Policewalas clearly proves that Indian Army is working on the agenda of Hindu Terrorists and it is Indian Hindu Army behind the killing of Kashmiri Muslim policemen before and in the month of Ramadan.   Killing of Muslim Army officers or policemen is not the act of Jihadis or LeT but it is the act of Indian Army in collusion of Hindu Terrorists.  If Indian Army personnel openly manhandled or thrashing to the Kashmiri cops then whey they cannot kill Muslim Policemen of Kashmir.

If Kashmiri Muslim policemen believe in Justice and Humanity then they would abide to kill any innocent Kashmiri Muslims on the instance and order of Indian Army.  They also restrict themselves to go on the search and combat operation, alongwith Indian Hindu Army because Indian Army is become prejudice, biased and following the path of Hindu Terrorists specially after 2014 when Indian parliament captured by the Hindu Terrorists, Indian Army may kill Muslim officers or Policemen alleging on Jihadis behind the killing.   Kashmiri youths restrict themselves to join Indian Army upto when prejudice, biased and communal mentality of Indian Army not become normal and instead of they following the principle of Hindu Terrorists they start following the Principle of Constitution.

It is hard time for Modi administration to take appropriate decision on Kashmir. Due to adamant and monarch tendency of Modi innocent, unarmed Kashmiri citizens are becoming victims of Indian Army on daily basis. Yesterday, one 8 years old girl rammed under the wheels of Indian army it was the deliberate act. Today one innocent man killed in the firing of Indian Army. Modi cannot dictate his hitlershahee or monarch attitude on the civilians of Kashmir. If Modi administration believes in democracy and not king rule let solve the Kashmir issue. Every time after sarcastic remark of any individual on Indian Army or Nation the Sanghis always giving example of Saudi or Islamic countries, that if they would have been in Saudi, Dubai, Kuwait or any other Islamic country they will be beheaded for their comment. Latest on the comment of Azam Khan on Indian Army on the issue of slice of Private parts, Subramanium Swami tweeted, if Azam would be in Saudi he would have beheaded. I have not seen any incident of mass murder, mass killing, atrocities, torture, and persecution, rape or gang rape of ladies by Government designated forces on the civilians. All the Islamic courtiers ruling by King except Iran, Malaysia and Indonesia they have got strong reason to kill any civilian on the disrespect of King or nation because of their law but we have not seen so. India is the only country in the world which is the biggest democracy but committing the act of Anti democracy. In that sense the Islamic countries are much better even if they believe in King Rule but respect the sentiments of their citizens. It is request with Modi Administration if they are unable to come on the conclusion let ask any mediator of the Globe to mediate on the issue of Kashmir to solve it. Let stop human rights violation forever.

Indian Army is started suffering from the Psychopathy and they start killing to their own members and civilians.  This is very first single of civil war.  History is the proof, when Sikander attacked over India,  Poras the Hindu King of that time defended attack of Sikandar with his huge Army of  elephants.   During the course of war elephants got puzzled and turned towards the Army of Porus and smashed, crushed all of them resulting Sikander won and Porus lost and sent behind the bars.

Zuber Ahmed Khan


Thursday, 20 July 2017

Hindu Mob lynching bill expected.

President of AIMIM Mr. Asadiddin Owaisi
President of All India Majlise Itehadul Muslimeen and only Member of AIMIM in the Parliament Mr. Asaduddin Owsee will bring a private bill in Indian Parliament against mob lynching.  Ironically after saffron party BJP regains the power at Indian Parliament in the year 2014 the incidents of mob lynching is increased drastically.  Owsee will try to bring a barrier forever with this bill against the growing incidents of terror of mob lynching.  He already put up his representation in the form of notice to the Loksabha Speaker.  
Factually, the incidents of mob lynching increased drastically after 2014.  Ironically, in every incident the victim is Muslim and mob is Hindu. They always attack on single, unarmed, innocent Muslim on the feeble, weak and flimsy grounds.  The claim of Hindu mob never proves to be correct even during the police enquiry.  It is the planned strategy of Hindu Terrorists to kill Muslims on false and frivolous claim so that no terror charges will impose on them. In every mob lynching mob adopted the same modus oprendi, mob fortification of single Muslim and kill him after attack on him with sword, punch, kick.

This bill includes the provision of 10 years rigorous imprisonment to the negligent government officer in this bill. Also there will be a provision of fast track court to assign the punishment to the culprits and disposal of cases as early as possible.  Now Owsee is waiting for the reply of the Speaker Loaksabha.

Cautiously, Mr. Rajnath Singh the Home Minister of India refused to bring the any separate bill on mob lynching fearing if Government brings bill on mob lynching then at least 80% Hindu Terrorists of Bajrangdal, VHP, Cow Terrorists and Durga Wahini would punished hard.  Government is not looking sincere to stop and curb the incidents of mob lynching rather the representatives of Government defending the Hindu Mob holding opposition responsible to give it communal colour.  Mukhtar Naqvi in the Parliament warns Congress and opposition not to give communal colour and politicalise the incident of mob lynching.  Such types of statement from Home and Minority Affairs Minister clearly raised a question mark on the intention of saffron Government.

Such types of private bills never get success in the lok Sabha but no one can ever forget the private bills passed after the full support of opposition and entire Muslim community.  One private bill passed after the incident of Shahabano case presented by the only member of Parliament of Muslim League Mr. G. M. Bannatwala supported by Suleman Seith.