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Mr. Zuber Ahmed Khan is a Muslim by birth, has got strong and stiff views on Islam. Mr. Zuber believes in Humanity when Islam is in trouble. He believes any Muslim Men or Women should die for Islam when required. Mr. Zuber Ahmed Khan completed his Post Graduate in Public Administration in the year 1995 and stands in first class. He completed his Diploma in Computer Hardware and Software Engineering from Bombay. Completed Masters Degree in Journalism & Mass Communication and stand in first Class.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Yes India is the paradise for Terrorists and Rapists.

Bhakts you are free to appraise to the Author with vulgar, filthy and abusive language after going through this article.  Because you people are only masters in abusing omitting filth and promoting vulgarity of highest value, you people are taught such types of language, terrorism and killing in your Vidhyapeeth (A Sanghi Hindu School of thoughts).  With this article I am going to put on pen and trying to bring the present demography of India where Terrorists, Rapists and Criminals are having absolute liberty to conduct the crime against Humanity and Women.  Basically such types of crimes are carry out on the Muslims and erudite police officers arrested to the victims on  whom crime committed and spare free to the perpetrators of law who are basically Hindu Terrorists.

One week back Indian Government’s agent and International criminal lady’s marriage set aside by Lahore High Court who had marry to Pak national after developing relationship and love affair on social media site Facebook.  Basically, this lady is the puppet of BJP, Government of India and a cadet of Sangh Parivar who had several dodges and black chapter of her life.   After reaching to India she had come in her original colour and started omitting venom against PAK and Islam.  Times of India group one of the prestigious newspapers of India, published the articles and news documentary on her without verify the truth which directly defame Islam and Islamic culture.  I being a Journalist and researcher never hesitate to tag this Times of India is the mouth piece of Sangh, who is always remain forward to bring news on false information and creates the ambiguity against Islam and Muslims.

News published in Times of India that this lady on gun point forced to marry a Pak National.  But there is no proof annexed with News documentary in the form of photograph that she is on gun point.  As far as Islamic culture is concerned, girl has got absolute liberty to refuse for marry when Kazi and 2 witnesses ask her consent on the Nikha.  Why that lady had not refused when Qazi Saheb and two witnesses approached to her for her consent.  Secondly, Islam does not permit the forceful or Nikha on Gun Point.  If a Muslim performing a Nikha to a lady by force or gun point without her will and open consent, then that is not Nikha but Rape.  Still if this Times of India group publishing news that lady on gun point forcefully undergone Nikha, without authenticating the proof of affidavit given by girl then this newspaper is spreading false and ambiguity against Islam and deserve to face the penal action.
After reaching to India this lady termed PAK is hell and well of death, but India is the paradise and I am with my countryman.   Yes I am totally agreed with the contention of this lady; India is the paradise, but only for the Terrorists, Rapists, Criminals and Murderers.  
1.          Yes India is the paradise, where a Muslim Rozedar raped by the Police man in moving train. 

2.      Yes India is the paradise where in the dark at Yamuna Express Highway gang rape committed on 4 Muslim ladies after asking about their religion and whether they are consuming beef or not by the criminals.  Still doctors did not confirm the gang rape and over ruled the crime committed on ladies.  How we can firm on the report of Doctors as we have already seen in case of Bilkis Bano gang rape case, in that case Doctors assigned punishment for giving false report and observation.  Since Uttar Pradesh and India is under the rule of terrorists so vast chance of manipulation in the report is possible.  A housewife or self-respected lady never utters false about rape or gang rape committed on her and spread false about her chastity which defames her in the society.  But a Doctor can give false report on instance of Terrorist Master Mind to safeguard the culprits, as we have seen several cases previously.  

3.           Yes India is the paradise, where manipulation, managing the things is possible.  Same as in case of Master Mind Narendra Modi and Amit Shaha and afterwards Pragiya Thakur, Asimanand, D.G. Wanzara.

4.    Yes India is paradise where Muslims are killed mere on suspicion that they consumed beef. 

5.       Yes India is paradise where a dairy owner is killed for carrying cow for his live hood. 

6.           Yes India is paradise where single Muslims killed mercilessly by the 25 to 30 terrorists on the false charges of child theft. 

7.    Yes India is paradise, where teenage Muslim students thrashed by Hindu Terrorists of Bajrangdal in Uttar Pradesh with half nude on false charges of eve teasing to Hindu girls in presence of police.  Yes India is paradise, where police registered the case against teenage Muslim students and spare free to the terrorists.  

8.          Yes India is paradise where two Muslim youths thrashed mercilessly on the false charges of dismantle the Hindu deity in presence of high ranks police officers.  Yes India is paradise, where police registered the case against Muslim youths and spare free to the terrorists.

9.     Yes India is paradise, where a Post Graduate Muslim College Student gone missing in mystery and police is unable to trace him in the paradise.

BJP had sent one of it's puppet to Pakistan at least her Chastity is safe what is ever happened to her it's between herself and her husband, Pakistan police and court provided her justice, but in India the so called paradise police raped to the woman in roza. Shame now I would like to ask the puppet of BJP who termed PAK as hell and India is Paradise. If in paradise a rozedar is not safe in front of police Wala then hell like PAK is much batter. 

Yes India is paradise but only for the Terrorists, criminals, mischief mongers, and Rapists. There are several criminals are seating in the Parliament who are holding serious charges of Rape, Murder, Arson, Communal Riots, spreading communal hatred and of course Terrorism.  India is the safe haven and paradise for the Hindu Terrorists and not for Muslims, Christians and Dalits. 

Zuber Ahmed Khan
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