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Mr. Zuber Ahmed Khan is a Muslim by birth, has got strong and stiff views on Islam. Mr. Zuber believes in Humanity when Islam is in trouble. He believes any Muslim Men or Women should die for Islam when required. Mr. Zuber Ahmed Khan completed his Post Graduate in Public Administration in the year 1995 and stands in first class. He completed his Diploma in Computer Hardware and Software Engineering from Bombay. Completed Masters Degree in Journalism & Mass Communication and stand in first Class.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Saffron Dictate and my patriotism.

After 1947 one common word ‘Tuglaki Farmaan’ sustained in Indian culture when any atrocities committed on humanity or any dictate issued.  Especially in cases of persecution of human being or dictate issued by the Bahoobali or powerful man Media wrongly gives it name as Tuglaki Farman.  The vocabulary changed as ‘Talibani Farmaan’ after 9/11.   After some time of 9/11 incident a planned trick played by the Saffron Terrorists in India and Jew Terrorists across the Globe and spread fake, frivolous messages, articles that Islam spread with the help of sword.  That propaganda proved to be absolutely false and fake as none of Sufi Saints did brought any army with them neither they fought with any of the Indian Hindu King of that time or across the Globe.  All the Sufi Saints were come to India all alone but they never scared with any of the Hindu King or Hindu Army. They never indulged in the battle with any of the King of that time, but gradually they overcome the hearts of the people and Hindu public and army of Hindu kings started coming to Islam because of their pleasant nature, simplicity, honesty, utmost devotion for Allaha  and miracles shown by them. 

Same as at the time of Umar Farooq Raz Allaha Masjide Aqsa captured by Muslims and Administration of Jerusalem come under the control of Islamic Rule without losing a single human being. Islamic Army captured Israel without sacrificing or killing single human and won Israel without bloodshed.  Jews handed over the Keys of the city to the Amir Ul Momenin after looking his conduct and character.  Because it was made forecast by Jews astrologers, if any such army come to you whose King would holding the horse cap and slave riding over it, don’t fight with them you will never win the battle. 

In 21st Century especially after 2014 brutal Hindu Terrorists Organisation BJP and it’s all wings openly assigning dictates to the minorities and other people of India but Media never termed as ‘Saffron Dictate’ or “Bhgva Adesh”.  Secondly, Islam never spread by gun or sword but these terrorists spreading Hindu religion by creating fear and with the help of sword which is evident after 2014 where more than 2000 Muslims killed in the attack of Hindu Terrorists.  These terrorists forcibly asking the people of the country to chat highly communal, criminal, filthy, abusive, illegal, anti-constitutional slogans like “Gande hoja Naram” & “Bharat…………….”.  Making these two criminal, communal, terrorists supportive slogan compulsory proves that these terrorists are not sure that everyone will chat these two slogans.  Is it not imposition of Hindu culture on others by the terrorists?  Then on what basis Media termed that Islam spread by force and not by choice, and Hindu religion is the most tolerant.  As per terrorists if anyone does not chat criminally motivated slogan he is anti-Indian. 

I would like to ask with these Hindu Terrorists what would be the parameter of patriotism as per them.  Can they term any Indian patriotic if he is chatting slogan like “Bande………..” or Bharat………..” even if he is indulged in every sort of anti-national activities.  If he is losing secrete information of Army to the enemies.   If he ditched Indian economy worth cror of Rupees and run away to England like Maliya and Modi can terrorists term them patriotic if they chat “Bande……… or Bharat.  Can their crime minimise with these two slogans.  If no then what is the use to chat these slogan which cannot pardon or provide ease in the crime rate.  Patriotism is not the dependable mere in these two slogans but it should be in the minds and hearts of the particular. 
OK I will ask the terrorists and I want reply with them in writing, if I will chat these two slogan with full of my capacity and full of loud voice at the same time I will indulged in bomb blast and every sort of terror activities, waging war against India.  Can these two slogans come for my rescue because as per Terrorists those who chat slogan like “Bande…….. and “Bharat………” is biggest patriotic and those who restrain  in singing are anti-Indian.  Secondly, if anyone those who did not chat any such type of slogan but caught hold me and stop doing me to commit terror acts in India and inform to the security agencies before I destroy India, to whom these terrorists term more patriotic.  One who was chatting slogan like Bande………. or Bharat………. but indulged in anti-Indian acts or to whom who save the life of several innocent but he did not chat slogan.

My patriotism is not depends merely on two slogans, and I need not require to give any proof that I am patriotic.   My heart is patriotic, but I will never say any anti-Islamic slogan.  If it is become compulsory and legal binding which proves the impotency of Hindu Terrorists who cannot overcome the hearts of Muslims, as did by Sufi Saints.

Zuber Ahmed Khan

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