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Mr. Zuber Ahmed Khan is a Muslim by birth, has got strong and stiff views on Islam. Mr. Zuber believes in Humanity when Islam is in trouble. He believes any Muslim Men or Women should die for Islam when required. Mr. Zuber Ahmed Khan completed his Post Graduate in Public Administration in the year 1995 and stands in first class. He completed his Diploma in Computer Hardware and Software Engineering from Bombay. Completed Masters Degree in Journalism & Mass Communication and stand in first Class.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Started troubling again………

Dear friends and my all well-wishers,

As I have narrated the incidents of threatening calls and life threats to me and my family in my several blog articles time to time because of my writing and punitive views.   This trend of life threat calls started in the year 2011-12, after I entered in writing field in the year 2010.  I used to receive the threatening calls. Caller’s intention clearly evident to terrify and divert me from writing harsh and fact language against Government.  I have asked the protection license from Government of Maharashtra through Commissioner of Police Navi Mumbai on 17/10/2011 which overruled by the Government of Maharashtra.  I have recorded my statement on 11/3/2015 in the police station that how in a planned manners someone poking and sabotage my personal liberty by tapping of my phone calls.  If I disclosed my programme to any of my friend or someone to whom I know I received severe problem to reach at desired destination and sometime I even could not reach to the place of desire. I have received several attacks in the form of accident or verbal scuffles; some of them I brought in the knowledge of police and other authorities and some I ignored. Such types of activities stopped for quite some time after reporting to the Police Commissioner.

Year 2017 again episode of bullying noticed and I have brought the incident of life threat through my article Where is Freedom of Press?  on 9th Jan. 2017 for my viewers and international community.   On the issue of Zakir Nayik when I had given him legal opinion through Times of India portal, I received severe life threats and abusive comments on my twitter personal messenger and Face Book Messenger. Same I brought in the knowledge of my viewers that how after the legal opportunity and opinion given through Times of India and Nav Bharat times to Zakir Naik I received the threatening messages on my twitter account which I had put it down to pen in my article after Zakir Nayak episode.  अन्याय के खिलाफ, न्याय की तरफ अग्रसर 22nd Feb. 2017.

Unlike 2011-12 this time I have threatened with some other way.  At first the goons laugh at my ethics, Report and finding by making prank of me. But when things become true as per my report I slapped on the face of people those who laugh at my report whether it is:

1.    On EVM disgrace which I am stating since 2013 and confirmed after Parliament election 2014 and other states.  What is the position of EVM now even collector accepted that there is manipulation in EVM.

2.     Situation of India after 2014 is same like situation of PAK upto 2013, and situation of PAK is same as India before 2014.  Same things American Agencies are mentioned.  

3.      More attacks are expected in Naxalite area and North East; I said on the eve of election result in UP which becomes true after that several attacks carry out by Naxalite on Army and condition of North East, Darjeeling and Assam is not calm yet.

4.    On Kashmir situation I said it is media and politicians who are creating havoc of Kashmiri civilians giving them wicked name as ‘Sangbaaz’ the incident of ‘Sangbaazi’ are not frequent but quite often and it is Army who is creating problems for Kashmiri civilians.  Same thing endorsed by one of the Javan of Indian Army after Sukma incident that it is easy to work in Kashmir rather in Naxal Areas.

5.      On growing threat of Hindu Terrorists I specifically mentioned to the Prime Minister Modi that control these elements unless they will trouble you. Now situation is out of control and these terrorists are attacking even to the police party, burn the police record, police station and petrol jeeps and even they snatch the custody of Bajrangdal, VHP or RSS members after attacking on police station and troubling to the Government.

When gunda elements failed and my reports prove to be correct and their pranks false they started assigning threats of life.  When I still keeps on writing and did not scared they frightened me to implicate in legal complications and finally when every tricks of terrorists failed to stop me writing they given allurement of money asking me to write in our favour we will meet you at your desirable place and give you whatever you want.  At last when I could not bow down on the life threats of Terrorists, threat of legal complication and allurement of amount or money and overruled their all request they blocked my account with Times of India.  I share my sorrows to my viewers through article A Journalist murdered. on 15th March 2017.  I mentioned that how saffron elements are trying to supress the voice of press and block my account with Times of India after rough altercation on Face Book with one Sanghi element.

Things have become on right track from the month of May 2017 only after reporting the matter to Judicial Authority and brought in the knowledge of Police Commissioner Navi Mumbai on 25th May 2017. After the verbal squabble with Abhjeet in which Abhijeet terrified me of dire consequences and thrash me after enter in my house.  Further he abused to my community and religion as well.  After reporting the matter to the Police Commissioner Navi Mumbai such types of life threats and abuse have stopped for quite some time but it is started again since last 10 to 15 days.

It is observed by this Journalist whenever he posted any article on his blog or commented through Aajtak, Times of India or Nav Bharat immediately he received call on his mobile through some unknown user.  User can be identified through true caller but unknown to me.  Normally hooligans used to call from places like India, Gaziabad, Dadri, Himachal Pradesh, Shimla, Haryana or Calcutta.  So far they have not assigned any threat to me but caller used to speak in very hash and cruel voice.  I have got recording of each and every call and I can produce as and when required.

On 5th August I twitted on the Rakhi episode of Muslim women.  On my tweet I have been trolled by some users.  During the interaction I received two calls one from Shimla and other one from Himachal.  Similarly, on 11th August 2017 I commented in my article on Face Book “पत्रकार जुबेर अहमद खान के पहले भेजे हुए कुछ आर्टिकल्स पे हामिद अंसारी साहब का वक्तव, अब उस वक्तव पे पत्रकार जुबेर का डी.एन.. ऑपरेशन” immediately after posting of my article I received two calls one from Gaziabad / Dadri / Uttar Pradesh and other one from unknown place.  I could not attend one call and avoided the caller.   On 13th August 2017 I posted an article “पत्रकार जुबेर एहमद खान की शिमला हादसे के ऊपर मोदी तथा आतंकिओ को एक नसीहत” immediately after posting article I received one call from Calcutta and unknown place.

Such types of torture and persecution cannot deviate or decrease the moral of this Journalist.  I will keep writing as usual and with same potential and passion.  

It is request with Central as well as State Governments rather to waste time, potential and energy for the non-sense issues and slogans like “Bharat……..” or “Vande……..” pass strict legislation to safeguard the Journalists, Press persons which is due since last one year.  If Government has positive intent on the press autonomy and absolute autonomy to express by the press people let Government pass legislation to safeguard the press personalities.  No one become patriotic who chats the slogan and no one can become traitor one who did not chat slogan. Such types of slogans cannot harm or safeguard the humanity.  

Zuber Ahmed Khan

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